About Us

Trioss is a business with global reach. It brings together key individuals who have successful track records in tackling organisational resilience to a changing and uncertain future climate. Its service enables new routes to longer term success and identifies barriers to taking effective action. Its processes support partners at pace and scale.

Our values
The Trioss team share a common passion for pragmatic action that supports more effective ways of delivering long term sustainability challenges.

We have a common ethic and belief in the need and capacity of people to change and thrive in a world of finite resources. We gather like-minded people around us with the range of strengths and experience to act on that passion to the benefit of our partners.

Trioss aims to create a global community of practice through a network of practitioners, our partners and clients.


Doogie Black


Doogie has worked in sustainable development for over 20 years with the last 14 focusing on climate change.

Since 2003 Doogie’s focus has been upon climate change issues, playing a central role in the acclaimed EU-funded ESPACE Project addressing behavioural & organisational change management, and climate change strategy.

A member of the core team that developed the PACT framework (now rebranded CaDD - www.cadd.global), he works across private, public and civil society organisations; ranging from local authorities and national policy makers through to infrastructure management companies, multinational corporations and international development organisations. Supporting individuals, organisations and systems of organisations through their change challenges.

Doogie is leading member of the BSI/ISO team leading the creation of the Climate Change Adaptation international standard.


Nick Pyatt


Nick has a background of leading organisational development consultancy for international natural resource management within complex commercial, social, environmental and climate sensitive environments. He now works with clients addressing climate and other long term sustainability challenges; Government, infrastructure operators, construction, manufacturing, international trade and services companies. He has supported clients in: Europe, East and Central Asia, Africa, Australia and USA.

He is a specialist in CaDD analysis of organisational capacity to address climate and other sustainability challenges. He facilitates decision systems analysis to identify the high impact intervention points in systems that will address barriers to complex systemic change that addresses climate and other sustainability challenges. He works closely with Tim Reeder in developing Adaptation Pathways to aid decision making for uncertain climate futures. Nick is also a qualified executive coach working with business leaders who include corporate responsibility and sustainability outcomes in their objectives.

Alastair Sandels

Managing Director

Alastair has over 30 years experience, since 2005 working as a Managing Director of an international forestry management organisation and from 2012 as a consultant advising on direct investment, asset management and valuation, corporate governance and due diligence. Together with Nick he established Natural Impact Partnership in 2013 which was then merged with Doogie’s Climate Sense in 2016, to form Trioss.

Alastair’s focus remains investment, risk management, compliance and corporate governance; that focusses on and manages long term commercial and sustainability objectives in a changing climate.

He is Chair of the UK forestry body responsible for promoting industry wide Health & Safety (FISA) and Vice President of the UK’s Institute of Chartered Foresters. He holds an MSc in Forestry & Land Management from Oxford University.

Iain Fullerlove

IT Director

Iain is our Director of IT and is developer of our CaDD Explorer Software and Database (www.cadd.global). Iain provides advice and expertise to our clients and to our team using the CaDD Software and its data.

Iain has the rare ability to turn concepts into logic, logic into data, and data into useful information. With more than 30 years of experience in IT and Database development, Iain’s passion for innovation ensures we are always ahead of the game.


Tim Reeder

Senior Consultant

Tim Reeder Tim Reeder is a thought leader and practitioner in strengthening decision making for uncertain climate futures. He pioneered the Adaptation Pathways approach in protecting London from sea level rise as Project Scientist for the Thames Estuary 2100 Project. He now advises on use of the Adaptation Pathways approach in Europe, USA, Australia, Central Asia and Africa.

He is a contributing author to the IPCC 4th assessment report, the UKCP09 projections report and forthcoming UKCP18 projections report. He is also Advisor to the London Climate Change Partnership.

Tim has written several papers on climate change uncertainty and decision making and continues to contribute to climate change adaptation practice and policy world-wide.

Carole Bond

Senior Consultant

Carole is an sustainability practitioner, marketing professional and environmental scientist. She has extensive business experience, having worked in the steel industry, media, engineering and multi-sector consultancy and has also worked for Government at all levels.

A graduate of the University of Bath’s renowned MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice and skilled practitioner with the CaDD, for the past 26 years she has specialised in environment and sustainable development with a focus on promoting attitudinal shifts, supporting behavioural change and delivering organisational development programmes around climate, sustainability and circular economy issues in organisations across multiple sectors. She is a Sustainability Ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Anusha Shah

Senior Consultant

Anusha Shah is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). She is also the Chair of the Thames Estuary Partnership, a charity working towards sustainable management of the Thames Estuary. Specialising in Water & Environmental Engineering, Anusha has nearly 20 years’ experience in designing, managing and leading projects and programmes ranging from £10,000 to £10 Billion both in the UK and India.

She has worked with consultants, contractors, clients, government, NGO and a Regulator across sectors including Climate Change, Water & Wastewater, Flood Risk Management, Environment, Mining and Rail. Anusha has worked across most aspects of the water cycle both as a designer and a manager. Her experience ranges from designing and restoring peripheral springs on the Dal Lake in the foothills of the Himalayas to managing 50+ Flood Risk Management projects in the UK and leading a bankable feasibility study for a Saudi Arabia Phosphate Mining company.

A member of the London Climate Change Partnership, Anusha has decades of Infrastructure practitioner experience coupled with a strong passion to tackle the impacts of climate change whilst taking full advantage of the opportunities a changing climate presents. A thought leader who regularly speaks at and chairs events on water, climate change, diversity and skills, she has an extensive network across industries and geographies. Anusha has wide-ranging experience in built environment planning, design, management, stakeholder engagement and communications and innovative funding. This along with a strong belief in ‘systems thinking’ puts her at the forefront of climate change adaptation and resilience debate and in a unique position to connect policy with real world decision making.

Anusha is currently Co-Chair of ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) London & South-East Diversity & Inclusion Task Force and Member of the ICE Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Group. She is also an External Examiner in the Civil Engineering and Built Environment department at the Leeds Beckett University.

Anusha was the youngest and first female Chair of the ICE, London Region and has been Trustee, ICE Council and Non-Executive Director, Thomas Telford Board. She is a strong supporter of a diverse workforce and believes in seeing more women engineers as future leaders contributing to solving world’s pressing issues such as climate change and water scarcity.

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